Other Audits


Airocheck also provides the following three auditing services to travel buyers, to help you to maximise service and minimise travel costs.

Fee Audits

We examine your bookings data, every booking over any period, to ensure that the fees charged have been those in your agency agreement. We check that amounts are correct, and that fees have been applied correctly. TMCs now apply many feestypeswith various conditions and definitions.

Commission Audits

TMCs’ revenue used to be the sum of the commissions they received from airlines, hotels and other travel suppliers. In the late 1990’s, fees were introduced on the basis that all the supplier commissions should be forwarded to the client. The change was designed to eliminate supplier-bias and introduce transparency to the actual cost of TMC services. The pendulum has swung back in recent years so that many travel buyers now pay fees but don’t receive commissions. But, if your agency agreement includes a claim to commission revenues, then it is important that you receive all the commissions that are owing to you. Commissions are complex and difficult to reconcile, even for the TMC. Our software enables us to estimate the amount of commissions owing to you with great accuracy because it works off the base settlement data, not just the bookings data. Codeshares and mixed airline itineraries make commission calculations even more difficult. Our system does all of this for you.

Fare Availability Audits

Typically you will have a number of airline deals in place providing you with discounted airfares. With international travel especially, the availability of these offered discounted fares is critical. If the availability is too low, then the deal is of little value, and is in fact costing you money by preventing you from accessing other discount opportunities. We scour your bookings data and check the availability levels, enabling you to then take corrective action if necessary with that airline or a competitor. We advise making minimum availability levels a condition of any airline deal.