The Process


Our Detailed Auditing Process

Airocheck brings two new things to the corporate travel industry.

Auditing Software

We have built software that decodes otherwise unusable base airfare settlement data, which shows fare amounts between the agency and airline. This irrefutable “data of truth” is then used as the base against which we compare fare amounts in the booking data.

Auditing Process

Drawing on the expertise of our CPAs, we have built a detailed and thorough forensic auditing process that compares actual booking data to the base settlement data, testing for fare anomalies over large data sets.

Our process includes several checks to ensure that data cannot be withheld, altered or misrepresented in any way.

Raw TMC bookings data is complicated and can be presented in different formats. Our process washes, fixes, matches and mends the data so that it can be audited with great accuracy.

The process is collaborative. Audit results are examined in detail to allow for various legitimate causes of fare discrepancies.

An accreditation is only as good as the quality of the process. We audit with precision to ensure that the results are accurate, honest and fair.